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He is Risen - GiftBox Set
(Available without verses at bottom of page)
Verses used: John 11:25, John 3:16, James 1:17 and Matthew 28:6

This set has a matching Box Set, Mini Card Wallet Set, and Shoe Set, Stationery Set and Warm Delights Boxes

22 printables for $11.50

Graphics by Lynnie Smith

Click here for close up photos
Graphic 1     Graphic 2     Dress Favor Box    Cross Box

NOTE: There are verses on the tea bag tags and on the candy wrappers

This set includes files to make the following:
~giant giftbox
~cross box 6 by 7 by 2
~icicle box
~muffin favor box
~votive candle box
~bow box
~4"high hex box
~2 gift tags
~dress favor box
~giant hershey wrapper
~2 post-it holders
~2 snack size kit kat wrappers
~tea bag box (holds 4 teabags)
~2 teabags
~5 by 7 candy box with window ~2 M&M matchbooks
~inside print

Gift Box Set
without verses

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